Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Swap Magic 3.6 (PS2)

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                                                             (FOR PS2)

Swap Magic 3 allows you to boot up your own application or game software CDs and DVDs on your PS2 console. Swap Magic 3 is the perfect solution for playing backup games too. It doesn't need to modify your console and it doesn't spoil the warranty of your console. Avoid dangerous modifications to your game console!  Don't wait for the latest PS2 games to be released in your country! You only have to swap the disc ONCE even with DVD games! Easy operation!
** Swap Magic 3 MUST be used together with Magic Switch Pro -OR- Slide Tool -OR- Flip Top Cover.
Easy installation
Excellent Compatibility
It can launch program from memory card
Supports all PS2 Models including the latest one: SCPH-7000X , SCPH-9000X
Enables playing CD/DVD import and backup on PS2
Must work together with one of the tools as following  
( 1. Slide Tool  - for SCPH-1000X, SCPH-3000X , SCPH-5000X )
( 2a. Flip Top Cover - for SCPH-1000X, SCHP-3000X, SCPH-5000X )
( 2b. Flip Top Cover Slim - for SCPH-7000X  , SCPH-900X ) 
( 3. Magic Switch Pro - for SCPH-7000 , SCPH-9000X )

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